About me

I am a self-taught artist with a few courses taken on the side. I enjoy rendering the transcendent mysteries of life and nature's spectacle of colors and lighting through art, and will persevere until I get it right.  I have over ten years of experience in digital mediums, ranging from illustrations, concept art, and concept design to conceptual art. Recently I have fallen in love with the traditional mediums, mainly oil painting. To get better at it, still life and plein air are my central themes for now.

My goal is to paint epic fantasies and mystical realms ordinarily unseen to the human eye, thereby provoking profound observations and deep feelings in the viewer. Meanwhile I want to keep on improving as an artist in various ways, for example by doing technical studies and colorful doodles, whenever time permits.

Who is my favorite artist? Rembrandt. In my eyes, he is the master of lighting and colors. He hasn’t only mastered the technical side of it, his art also has a way to touch your soul through his keen insight. I shall leave you with this quote:

Choose only one master – Nature.
— Rembrandt

 -- MeKenzie Martin

Artist's Statement:

Using my intuition and imagination, I seek a way to express feelings through shapes and colors.


  • Oil Paintings
  • Film - Conceptual Art
  • Illustrations
  • Card Arts
  • Book Covers Illustrations
  • Kickstarter Projects
  • Concept art
  • Concept Design


Questions? Feel free to contact me.